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It is best to look around and find a lawyer that works Mesothelioma cases in your city or close by,as some folks are to ill to travel miles to be interveiwed by lawyers.
All you need to do is search;
Mesothelioma attorney and I am sure one will be obliged to represent you and your family.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Causes of Mesothelioma

The causes of Mesothelioma are working in or around asbestis mines or products,which give off dust particles.
These dust particles are actually minute fibers in which one breaths into the lungs.
When the particle gets to the lungs it attaches itself to the lining and then starts to create an irritation,which in time causes lesions or cancer in the lung area.
The disease is usually not diagnosed until it is in the late stages,at which time there is not much a Doctor can do,but put you on oxygen,and hope for the best.
You do not have to work in a mine or plant to contract this disease,as it is carried on your loved one's clothes to the home and then you breath in the dust particles and contract the disease that way.
You need to wear a protective mask at all times when working with asbestos materials.
And change your work clothes outside the home,if at all possible.

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